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Why $20? That seems a bit high!

Well, Steven does understand that perspective and he has participated in that very same pizza conversation before. Here is one such example:

    Mike [6:09 PM]
    I gotta say $20 is a bit steep for pizza - that's more like buy Steven 2 pizzas and a coke

    Steven [6:09 PM]
    you are crazy! $20 is the low end. thats a papajohns delivery for one large pie, and I'm still coming out of the pocket. delivery fee + tip + price of pizza!

    Mike [6:11 PM]
    your gratitude via pizza standards are much too high, medium is plenty for 1 Steven and let's not go crazy on toppings

    Steven [6:14 PM]
    I don't know man, I think you're hard pressed to get out of a pizza delivery for less than 20. one medium is too low for coupons so its not 5$ per. pepperoni + pineapple + extra sauce.

    Mike [6:14 PM]
boom, plus a "keep the change" tip Steven [6:15 PM] geez man! thats cruel! $1.58 is not a good tip! Mike [6:16 PM] $0.42 out of pocket then, I think $2 is plenty for one pizza Steven [6:17 PM] $2 is not enough! 20% on $18 = $4. you are cruel to your pizza professionals Mike [6:17 PM] don't tip on delivery fee and tax! always on subtotal. you're tipping standards border on bourgeois Steven [6:18 PM] when you go to a restaurant, do you tip on just sub-total? Mike [6:19 PM] usually, yes - but always 20% Steven [6:19 PM] !!! Steven [6:20] I digress. It seems as though you have developed a better appreciation for the $20 pizza standard.... Mike [6:20 PM] lol, I may have. it seems more fair now Steven [6:21 PM] well that's a victory

If Mike can be convinced, surely you can too :)